Party Loot



Other Consumables

Masterwork cold iron sickle (On Evelyn)
Bracers of armor + 1 (Evelyn)
+ 1 light metal shield (On Terran)
Boots of Elven kind (On Murray)
+ 1 Rapier (Murray)
+ 1 Stag Lords Leather Armor (In Keep)
+ 1 Composite Longbow ( + 2 str) (Murray)
Amulet of natural armor + 1 (Delkaz)
Stag’s Helm (Murray)
Robe of Bones (Torgo)
Ring of protection + 1 (Delkaz)
ring of swimming (Delkaz)
+ 2 chain shirt (Murry)
Cursed ring of bestial friendship
Ring of Climbing (On Delkaz)
gloves of swimming and climbing (On Murry)
Silver Raven Figure of Wondrous Power
Ring of freedom of movement (On Terran)
Rings of Friend Shield (On Evelyn and Abramus)
ring of protection + 2 (On Terran)
cloak of resistance + 1 (On Torgo)
gloves of swimming and climbing
Cloak of resistance + 3 (On Evelyn)
Headband of mental prowess (+ 2 int, + 2 cha, ranks in Know Planes) (On Evelyn)
Oculus of Abaddon (Destroyed)
Ring of protectoin + 2 (On Evelyn)
Portable Hole
Skybolt (+ 2 Thundering Composite Longbow, + 3 STR) (On Terran)
+ 3 breastplate (On Delkaz)
+ 2 defending longsword (Terran)
belt of physical might + 4 (Constitution and Strength),
cloak of resistance + 2, (On delkaz)
rod of splendor
Staff of fire (On Evelyn)
cloak of resistance + 2, (On Murry)
ring of protection + 2, (On Murry)
stone of alarm
deck of illusions (contains both jokers and all hearts and spades),
ring of evasion
+ 3 hide armor with dragon bone +2 armor spikes
+ 3 heavy steel shield (Terran)
Bag of holding (type I) (Delkaz)
horseshoes of speed (Terran)
necklace of fireballs (type II) (Evelyn)
pearl of power (2nd level) (Evelyn)
ring of counterspells (contains enervation) (Evelyn)
amulet of natural armor + 2 (Terran)
belt of physical might + 2 (Strength and Constitution) (Terran)

Party Loot

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